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Furniture Modern Contemporary, contemporary interior design style is one of the interior styles that is currently the most widely used and recommended by designers. An interior design style that is often identified and equated as a modern interior style.

There is a lot of confusion about how to distinguish between modern interior design and contemporary interior design. The two design styles are often misinterpreted and considered as similar styles. In fact, between modern and contemporary, there are two different interior styles.

Although the two terms are often cited to be interpreted to describe an interior style, between contemporary and modern actually has quite different characteristics and characteristics.

Modern often refers to the style of design that was popular in the mid-1900s. Characteristics such as natural ingredients, neutral colors that are expansive with the appearance of colors, and clean and low lines are part of modern decoration.

Modern interiors follow more stringent patterns and as if already determined. While contemporary interior design is more flexible, or in other words, contemporary is born by combining various styles and variations.

Modern and contemporary furniture, though often very similar, are not the same thing. The word modern, in this context, refers to a school of design – modernism – compared to the time frame in which furniture is designed or built. Contemporary, on the other hand, refers to aesthetic collection, although like modern furniture it also combines clean lines and lack of clutter.

Modern and contemporary furniture both have styles that are very popular now, and much of what can be seen in luxury boutiques fits into one of the fine arts schools.

Contemporary style furniture look generally shares some common characteristics. For example, it usually combines very modern materials in its design, with lots of chrome, metal and glass. Sharp and angles abound in style, with lines that are slightly asymmetrical to draw more attention to the overall composition. The texture of contemporary furniture tends to be quite smooth, with little or no decorative or carving elements.

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