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Mid Century Modern Furniture The poll conducted by YouGov, as many as 71 percent of adults said that they supported the construction of micro apartments measuring approximately 30 square meters. A small-sized residential concept that has recently become a trend of minimalist modern-style residential in urban areas.

Everything related to the Middle Ages always looks interesting and artistic, especially for those who like things historical. Medieval times are always associated with the glory days of the kingdoms in Europe such as England, France, and Germany. The nuances of the Middle Ages are now embodied in various works of art such as painting, sculpture, decoration, and architecture.

Mid Century Modern Furniture In terms of architectural design, for example, things that are identical to the Middle Ages are often realized by the choice of art objects for display, bathroom design, living room design, and bedroom design. For homeowners who want to bring a medieval feel, there are many things that can be done. One of them through the selection of furniture that will be thick influence from the Middle Ages.

If you intend to make your own furniture, you can apply this medieval furniture concept. This furniture does not require high ability, what is needed is only expertise in terms of basic carpentry and the ability to process wood and iron. By looking at various references of medieval furniture design models on the internet, of course now making your own furniture is not too complicated.

As reported by business insider, the reason for the small residential being a trend is inseparable from the ability to own property in urban areas which are already so expensive, so that micro apartments are considered sufficiently qualified with the main factor being the price or affordable rental fees.

While CBSNews reports that more models and small-sized apartment units will be built in cities. In New York City, for example, local authorities have even given permits related to the concept of small dwellings.

And from the developer side, micro apartment units have really been designed efficiently. These small dwellings are not something that is haphazardly designed, but are also really thought out in order to also be able to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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